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Post  Admin Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:33 pm

TuffGuys is a sister alliance of V.D.D. We are a single alliance with close to 300 members.

First the best advice I can give... Communication between members is the closest thing you can get to City Insurance. So be active in chat from time to time or be active on the forums. Lets see your name and feel the love people!

What is expected of a member of TuffGuys:
You assist your fellow alliance mate (TG,V.D.D.,V.D.D.II) in any way possible whenever you can.
You respect(even if you dont agree) the Friendly List of the alliance.
There is to be no Fighting between members. There is a difference between busting balls and just being vicious.
Every member is currently expected to have at least 2 cities.
No Recruits will be considered under 100k prestige.
You are required to be active on these forums and on the game. You should be on at least every other day as far as the game itself is concerned currently.
If you are inactive for 5days without notification you will be removed. So make sure to say something if you can.
You must also be able to defend yourself and do not expect people to come to your aid when you have nothing to offer yourself. That makes you a liability not an asset.
You must have at minumum 1 post a week on these forums that is more than "Yeah" "Haha" etc.. Your input is wanted.
Exclamation (Edit 9/18) We have many members children from TG, VDD, VDDII in TuffGuys as for its alliance chat there will be a 0 tolerance policy on graphic or obscene discussion as well as filter bypassing.

**Officers and higher must have and use MSN as well as be considerably more active on the game and forums.

During war you ARE expected to do what you can. Instructions will be given as to what you can do or what we can do as a whole.

Any complaints against any member should be filed under the Complaints Topic. Only leadership can view these.
---If you would rather speak with someone follow this ladder.
Member complaint goes to an Officer
Officer complaint goes to a Presbyter
Presbyter complaint goes to a VH
VH complaint goes to the Host
Host complaint can be filed with Whynotdie
**Filing should only bypass a rank if you are unsatisfied with the response. To avoid this your best bet would be to use the forum.

Issues from other alliances if you get a complaint need to be passed onto a Vice Host. And from VH to Host if needed.
**In case of emergency a Presbyter can try to resolve anything explosive if no one else is on.

**By filling out an Application for membership you agree to the above.
***As required all current members must sign up for these forums. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with the above do not bother signing up for the forum, request a kick to save your prestige.

This is subject to change and updating as is needed. So check back often.


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